An Improved ITU-R Rain Attenuation Prediction Model Over Terrestrial Microwave Links in Tropical Region

Provided by: EURASIP
Topic: Big Data
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An improved approach of predicting rain attenuation Cumulative Distribution (CD) over terrestrial microwave links operating in tropical regions is presented in this paper. The proposed method offers a better extrapolation approach for determining the values of rain attenuation at different exceedance probability from the measured attenuation at 0.01% of the time. The experimental data consist of measured rainfall rates and rain attenuation over six geographically spread DIGI MINI-LINKs operating at 15 GHz in Malaysia. A new set of numerical coefficients was derived for improved rain attenuation CD predictions in the Malaysian tropical climate. In order to test the applicability of the proposed extrapolation method, a validation was performed using rain rate and rain attenuation measurements from five Brazilian and seven Nigerian tropical locations.

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