Analysis of Lossless Reversible Transformation Algorithms to Enhance Data Compression

In this paper, the authors analyze and present the benefits offered in the lossless compression by applying a choice of preprocessing methods that exploits the advantage of redundancy of the source file. Textual data holds a number of properties that can be taken into account in order to improve compression. Pre-processing cope up with these properties by applying a number of transformations that make the redundancy "More visible" to the compressor. Many pre-processing algorithms come into being for text files which complement each other and are performed prior to actual compression. Here their focus is on the Length-Index Preserving Transform (LIPT), its derivatives ILPT, NIT & LIT and StarNT Transformation algorithm.
Provided by: Journal of Global Research in Computer Science (JGRCS) Topic: Networking Date Added: Aug 2012 Format: PDF

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