Analysis of System Errors in Real-Time Propagation of Signals in L - Band Phased Array Radar

NARL has active array radar which has been designed, developed and tested at 1280 MHz. This system comprises of planar microstrip patch antenna array fed by solid-state TransReceiver (TR) modules, Two-Dimensional (2- D) passive Beam Forming Network (BFN) and direct IF Digital Receiver (DRx). Errors are the common factors that affect the data. The common errors are Random errors and Systemic errors. In random errors, it is observed that the radiation pattern does not get affected for a peak-to-peak random phase error of up to 60 degrees across the 16x16 array. In systematic errors the radiation pattern is more sensitive to the systematic phase errors across the array.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF

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