Analysis of ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4 Standard) for Star Topology With AODV Protocol

Provided by: International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
ZigBee is a new wireless technology based on the 802.15.4 standard which is extensively used in wireless communication. This is designed for applications like wireless monitoring and control of lights, security alarms, motion sensors, thermostats and smoke detectors. ZigBee technology provides a low data rate, low power, and low cost wireless networking on the device-level communication. IEEE 802.15.4 specifies physical and media access control layers. The MAC layer defines different network topologies, namely a star, tree and mesh topology. In this paper, the authors give a brief overview of ZigBee (IEEE 802.14.5 standard) which is the fundamental of Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN).Then they analysis the performance of ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) for star topology with different traffic scenarios namely CBR, FTP, and Poisson using the simulation tool NS-2.

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