Ant Colony Accumulative Technique Applied in Wireless Sensor Network Grids Routing Problem

Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
This contribution presents a proposal of an applicable Routing Messages Protocol (RMP) which uses nodes location information and a multi-hop forwarding scheme to achieve long-range communication in Wireless Sensor Network Grids (WSNG). Ant COlony (ACO) accumulative technique has been applied to collect the hops list in the message way toward the sink. The proposed RMP has three phases: the initialization phase where each sensor node determines the best first hop toward the Sink among its neighbors, sending the best route phase where each node sends an Accumulative Routing Message (ARM) to the sink includes the hops list and the maintenance phase, the out of reach node sends a Maintenance Accumulative Routing Message (MARM) to create the alternative route to the Sink.

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