Ant-Crypto, A Cryptographer for Data Encryption Standard

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science Issues
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Techniques are attracting the cryptanalysts in the field of cryptography. This paper presents a novel swarm based attack called Ant-Crypto (Ant-Cryptographer) for the cryptanalysis of Data Encryption Standard (DES). Ant-Crypto is based on Binary Ant Colony Optimization (BACO) i.e. a binary search space based directed graph is modeled for efficiently searching the optimum result. The reason that why evolutionary techniques are becoming attractive is because of the inapplicability of traditional techniques and brute force attacks against feistel ciphers due to their inherent structure based on high nonlinearity and low autocorrelation. Ant-Crypto uses a known-plaintext attack to recover the secret key of DES which is required to break/ decipher the secret messages.

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