Antivirus: The Hippest New Apple Accessory

Remember the days when Macs users thought they were not targets of malicious behavior and would be relatively free of malware? For a while it was true, at least more than for PC users, for whom running antivirus programs is second nature.

Now that landscape has changed. Cyber-attacks on Macs are becoming more commonplace as Mac use continues to increase. In addition, the skyrocketing popularity of Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads has made them “fair game” for hackers who have historically focused on Windows machines.

While large enterprises and educational institutions have taken steps to safeguard Apple devices as they have for PCs, they need to educate users and deploy technology to prevent cyber-attacks. Experts say antivirus alone would have averted most of the Mac infections taken place so far.

This GFI Software white paper examines:

  • How Macs have become a greater target for malware writers given their newfound popularity
  • The need for IT administrators to deploy antivirus solutions for the Macs on their networks and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for the iPads and iPhones used by employees.
  • The string of cyber-attacks that infected Apple machines around the world, with at least 700,000 affected by April 2012.
  • The need for organizations to raise awareness among users about the risks of using Macs and the fact that they are not immune to cyber-attacks.
Provided by: GFI Software Topic: Security Date Added: Feb 2013 Format: PDF

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