AppGate: The Definitive Guide to Secure Access

Transforming Network Security with a Software-Defined Perimeter

The traditional perimeter-based approach to network security has failed to adequately protect organizations. A new approach is needed.

Traditional security tools like VPNs, so-called next-generation firewalls and NACs are labor-intensive to manage, don’t leverage user context to make access decisions, and can’t keep up with the pace of business. They are not fit for purpose in a perimeter-less world. As a result, organizations typically use them to control access in an all-or-nothing fashion. The implication? Authenticated users have overly broad network access, increasing the attack surface area and enabling the types of wide-reaching breaches that we see far too often.

In the Definitive Guide to a Software-Defined Perimeter you will be introduced to a better approach to secure access. In the guide you’ll learn:

  • Why a Software-Defined Perimeter is needed to replace or augment legacy perimeter-based solutions
  • How a Software-Defined Perimeter is architected to support today’s IT models
  • What a Software-Defined Perimeter was designed to solve and its inherent benefits
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