Apple iOS 12: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

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One of the biggest announcements at the recent WWDC was iOS 12, the 12th major iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. Along with it come promised performance improvements, as well as a host of new features and enhanced functionality. This ebook offers a look at what you can expect from the latest version of iOS.

From the ebook:

What are the key features in iOS 12?
iOS 12 will come with performance improvements, including 70% faster access to the camera from the Lock Screen; 50% faster keyboard appearance; and 2x faster app launches when the device is under a heavy workload. All of these performance improvements are likely to significantly impact older devices, but will also boost newer devices like the iPhone X and iPad Pro, which are more capable of background tasks and more likely to run into strain under heavy workloads.

The other big change with iOS 12 is the ability for Siri to integrate with nearly all apps through a feature called Shortcuts. Developers will be able to provide a UI to users that enables them to record a custom phrase that activates the app from within Siri on either iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Apple announced that support for Siri Shortcuts will extend to the recently released HomePod; however, this was not demoed at WWDC 2018, and it is not clear how this feature will work.

Apple’s recently acquired Workflow app has made a rebranded appearance as the Shortcuts app with minor UI changes. This app now integrates with Siri and the system more seamlessly to allow users to chain together actions from multiple apps in the Shortcuts app to make automation workflows that are voice activated.

A big change to iOS 12 is the redesigned FaceTime app, which now allows for group conversations—a feature that many users have been begging to see. The group conversation feature works with both video and audio and supports up to 32 people in a conversation. This feature also works with iMessage by inviting an entire group from an iMessage thread into a video or audio chat. If someone is late joining, they will be able to join at their leisure by tapping a join button in iMessage.

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