Apple MacBook Air 2018 update: A business pro’s guide

The latest version of Apple’s popular MacBook Air laptop has been reengineered to include a wide array of enhancements that should make life easier for business professionals. This ebook looks at the specs and new features and provides details about cost, competitors, and availability.

From the ebook:

The updated MacBook Air is Apple’s latest slim notebook laptop, with a retina display and Touch ID, running on macOS Mojave. It includes a number of features that could be useful for business users, including all-day battery life, a T2 security chip, and a weight of only 2.75 lbs.

“The MacBook Air has become the most beloved notebook ever,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during an Apple event in New York City on October 30. “It’s time for a new MacBook Air—one that takes the MacBook Air experience even further in the areas that are most important to our customers.”

This MacBook Air ebook has the details you need to know to determine whether this laptop is right for you.

What is the MacBook Air?
The updated 2018 MacBook Air is the latest version of Apple’s slimmest notebook. “Every part of the product has been redesigned and reengineered,” said Laura Lagrove, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, during the Apple event.

The number one feature customers asked for in a MacBook Air and have received in this version is a retina display, Lagrove said. But along with the retina screen, “we’ve made the display better in every way,” she said. The new MacBook Air has a 13.3-inch screen. It doesn’t include the aluminum bezel of the previous version, with the display glass now coming to the edge of the enclosure. The border is 50% narrower.

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