Apple Pay: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

Apple Pay is accepted by millions of retailers in numerous countries. This ebook explains the ins and outs of the mobile payment system and how to use it.

From the ebook:

Apple Pay requires a participating card issuer in order to work. Before trying to register cards with Apple Pay, you must first verify that the issuer of your debit or credit card supports Apple Pay. You can see a full list of participating banks in Canada, Latin America, and the US. This requirement is in place because whenever a new card is registered, the Wallet app must reach out to the card issuer via the network and request a digital payment card number that is specific to your device.

This device-specific number and payment token is stored on your device securely and protected with multiple layers of security (which I cover in the next section).

Whenever you use your device to make a payment, you must authenticate it with your fingerprint using Touch ID. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Hold your finger on the Touch ID sensor with your iPhone locked.
  2. Hold your iPhone with your finger still on the Touch ID sensor up to the NFC reader at the retailer where you want to make a payment.
  3. Your iPhone will illuminate and display the default card registered in the Wallet app (Figure A), and since your finger is on the Touch ID sensor, it will automatically send the payment information to the POS terminal.

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