Application of Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization (HACO) Algorithm for Solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP)

The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) is a combinatorial optimization and nonlinear problem seeking to service a number of customers with a fleet of vehicles. CVRP is an important problem in the fields of transportation, distribution and logistics. Usually, the goal is delivering goods located at a central depot to customers who have placed orders. This transportation optimization problem is NP-hard, which means that the computational effort required to solve it increases exponentially with the problem size. To solve it in an acceptable time some stochastic algorithms are needed. Here, the authors proposed the algorithm Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization (HACO) which takes the advantage of Simulated Annealing (SA) to solve CVRP.

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies Topic: Software Date Added: Mar 2012 Format: PDF

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