Are You Ready For The hybrid Workplace?

Invest in Headsets and Webcams to Drive Worker Productivity

Globalization, automation and digitization have transformed the way we work, and now the workplace reflects those changes.

As organizations redesign the office, they must plan for disruption and displacement, which will affect how, where and when people work-sometimes with short notice. The right technology can enable this transition and help companies maximize productivity, flexibility and scalability.

Hybrid work requires its own technology, including webcams and headsets that deliver a high-quality, immersive video and audio experience. But these tools must be optimized to work in multiple locations, based on user role, needs and location. Offices will include more meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, designed to allow movement among employees.

Remote workers will need easy-to-use, enterprise grade tools that meet company security and
compliance requirements and satisfy their diverse
needs as they move between home and office.

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