Arm's Flex when Responding Call for Implicit User Authentication in Smartphone

Provided by: Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net)
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
From using secret knowledge like password up to physical traits as biometrics, current Smartphone authentication systems are deemed inconvenience and difficult for users. Burdens on remembering password as well as privacy issue on stolen or forged biometrics have raised a new idea of authentication systems. New system is expected to be transparent to users without or with very minimum user involvement being as implicit authentication system. With user's convenience in mind yet without sacrificing security aspect, behavioral biometrics can be applied in implicit authentication system for security protection to users and their Smartphone's. Behavioral biometrics (behaviometrics) concept has emerged intending on both being inexpensive for deployment and being safe to user as compared on physical traits-based biometrics.

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