Artificial Intelligence and IT: The good, the bad and the scary


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  • Published August 30, 2015
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the focus of sci-fi and cinema, as well as the world of IT. It focuses on the intelligence exhibited by machines or software and it’s also a specific field of academic study targeting computers and computer software capable of intelligent behavior.

AI has played a genuine and beneficial role in technology, ever since IBM’s Deep Blue computer, the precursor to their Watson cognitive framework, defeated chess wizard Garry Kasparov. AI is now seen in day-to-day interactions with Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, which provides information in response to voice commands. It’s present in phone systems which listen for human input then route calls accordingly. Aviation relies on it for airport gate selection and simulation strategies. Financial organizations use it to maintain operations, investments and properties. Toy makers have released electronic pets and robots with simple AI capabilities. You can even find AI in space probes which go where humans cannot and make calculations as needed based on programming instructions.

Tech Pro Research developed an online survey on the topic to find out. The online survey was conducted in July 2015 and, as the number of diverse comments from the 534 respondents will show, harvested a wealth of opinions and observations on the subject. Download the full report to find out more about AI and the future.

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