Asset Tracking at IMEI Level: Will it be the Future Make or Break for Telecom Operators?

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Provided by: NTT DATA Business Solutions
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Traditionally, the reverse logistics process for telecom operators has consisted of five main functions, including refurbish and kitting. However, this process works seamlessly and efficiently when a customer returns assets due to warranty repairs. But when the assets come back to the operators are perfectly functioning assets or devices, valuating them for re-sell becomes critical as is the necessity of classifying the stock appropriately. To solve this, telecom operators require a comprehensive device lifecycle management solution. The Object-Event Repository (OER) system is a complex multi-dimensional data structure. It records all supply chain events against a specific IMEI based on the transactional data captured from various front-end applications. Such data is then synchronously transferred over to the SAP HANA database. The data transfer between the OER system and the HANA database happens through the SLT tool.
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