Asymptotic Spectral-Efficiency of MIMO-CDMA Systems with Arbitrary Spatial Correlation

In this contribution, the authors analyze the Asymptotic Spectral-Efficiency (ASE) of multiuser MIMO-CDMA systems, when assuming communications over flat fading channels with arbitrary spatial correlation. Their analysis is built on the operator-valued free probability theory, which is applied to obtain the limit distribution of the correlation matrix's eigen-values, as the MIMO-CDMA systems' size tends to infinity. The Spectral-Efficiency (SE) performance of the MIMO-CDMA systems is investigated via both analysis and simulations. Their simulation and numerical results show that the ASE is capable of providing a good measure of the SE achieved by the corresponding realistic MIMO-CDMA systems.
Provided by: BeiHang University Topic: Networking Date Added: Jul 2011 Format: PDF

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