At-Risk Data in the Cloud: 3 Strategies to Stop Data Bleed

Be it malicious or well-intentioned, the most hazardous use of “Shadow IT” is probably the simplest. Storing files in the cloud using cloud-sync applications is common practice for backing up or sharing files with co-workers. While these tools are believed to be secure, the true point of failure is the “insider threat”, which can manifest itself as a naive, negligent or, worse yet, a malicious user. Data stored in the cloud may include intellectual property, confidential business information, usernames, passwords, or highly regulated information such as healthcare, personal or financial details. The insider threat already lives in and is taking advantage of the cloud, which could lead to major data breach incidents, tarnished corporate reputation and severe financial penalties. Only true visibility and a preventive approach can unmask the threat and mitigate the risk.

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