Auto-Scaling to Minimize Cost and Meet Application Deadlines in Cloud Workflows

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
A goal in cloud computing is to allocate (and thus pay for) only those cloud resources that are truly needed. To date, cloud practitioners have pursued schedule-based (e.g., time-of-day) and rule-based mechanisms to attempt to automate this matching between computing requirements and computing resources. However, most of these \"Auto-scaling\" mechanisms only support simple resource utilization indicators and do not specifically consider both user performance requirements and budget concerns. In this paper, the authors present an approach whereby the basic computing elements are Virtual Machines (VMs) of various sizes/costs, jobs are specified as workflows, users specify performance requirements by assigning (soft) deadlines to jobs, and the goal is to ensure all jobs are finished within their deadlines at minimum financial cost.

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