Avoid GIGO with Consistent Data Governance

Are your efforts to leverage big data hampered by poor or outdated data management? Recent surveys show that only 40% of companies consider themselves data-driven, while 83% say they suffer problems because of data inaccuracy.

In today’s increasingly global and connected business world, data is coming from multiple sources, in many different formats, and being served to many different stakeholders. In this infographic, we illustrate the paths data may take coming into and out of an organization, and we highlight the most important features to look for in a data governance and integration solution.

  • Explore the impact that social media and the Internet of Things may have on your business.
  • Learn how minor inconsistencies can lead to major problems with analytics outputs.
  • Discover how governance and integration enables organizations to achieve better business outcomes.
  • Check out “Avoid ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ with consistent data governance” today!

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