Bankshot: Caching Slow Storage in Fast Non-Volatile Memory

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
Emerging non-volatile storage (e.g., phase change memory and STTRAM) allow access to persistent data at latencies an order of magnitude lower than SSDs. The density and price gap between NVMs and denser storage make NVM economically most suitable as a cache for larger, more conventional storage (i.e., NAND flash-based SSDs and disks). Existing storage caching architectures (even those that use fast flash-based SSDs) introduce significant software overhead that can obscure the performance benefits of faster memories. The authors propose Bankshot, a caching architecture that allows cache hits to bypass the OS (and the associated software overheads) entirely, while relying on the OS for heavy-weight operations like servicing misses and performing write backs.

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