Bargaining Towards Maximized Resource Utilization in Video Streaming Datacenters

Datacenters can be used to host large-scale video streaming services with better operational efficiency, as the multiplexing achieved by virtualization technologies allows different videos to share resources at the same physical server. Live migration of videos from servers that are overloaded to those that are under-utilized may be a solution to handle a flash crowd of requests, in the form of Virtual Machines (VMs). However, such migration has to be performed with a well-designed mechanism to fully utilize available resources in all three resource dimensions: storage, bandwidth and CPU cycles. In this paper, the authors show why the challenge of maximizing resource utilization in a video streaming datacenter is equivalent to maximizing the joint profit in the context of Nash bargaining solutions, by defining utility functions properly.

Provided by: University of Toronto Topic: Mobility Date Added: Mar 2012 Format: PDF

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