BASIC Regenerating Code: Binary Addition and Shift for Exact Repair

Provided by: Chinese University of Hong Kong
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
Regenerating code is a class of storage codes that achieve the optimal trade-off between storage capacity and repair bandwidth, which are two important performance metrics in data storage systems. However, existing constructions of regenerating codes rely on expensive computational operations such as finite field multiplication. The high coding and repair complexity limit their applications in large-scale practical storage systems. In this paper, the authors show that it is possible to achieve the full potential of regenerating codes with low computational complexity. In particular, they propose a new class of regenerating codes, called BASIC codes, that can achieve two specific points (i.e., minimum-bandwidth and minimum-storage regenerating points) on the storage and repair bandwidth trade-off curve, using only binary addition and shift operations in the coding and repair processes.

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