Becoming a Strategic Counselor

Advising others on the issues, problems and situations that truly matter is one of our most challenging professional activities. It takes a special breed of individual to counsel those who do important work affecting the lives, lifestyles and well being of other people, organizations, cultures, even societies. The prime directive in all advice, counseling and staff work is to serve others first - for their benefit and from their perspective. The primary role of staff functions is advisory and consultative. There are three tests useful advice meets. Such advice is practical, pragmatic and purposeful- Practical advice, Pragmatic advice, and Purposeful advice. Leaders lead through their ability to verbalize the future, explain a direction, and describe a destination. The counselor also works in real time to help leaders lead in real time. The counselor?s verbal skills should be models the client can learn from and imitate. The counselor has six powerful verbal tools, read the article is know about the these tools.

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