Better on the Cloud: Financial Services in Asia Pacific 2021 Report

Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) released its 2021 report on the financial services sector, Better on the Cloud – Financial Services in Asia Pacific. This is the third iteration of this report, examining the nuances of cloud and technology adoption by the Asia Pacific financial services sector.

The report examines eleven Asia Pacific markets, looking at the digital transformation accrued by jurisdictions which have facilitated greater cloud adoption within their financial sectors. The report reviews developments and policy adjustments made by regulators to work with financial institutions (FIs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) – adjustments which unlock the enabling power of cloud as a key support technology for FI business objectives, and risk management.


  • How financial institutions transformed their businesses with new customer offerings and back-office digitalization
  • How the cloud has been central to financial services in times of crisis
  • How different countries are implementing regulatory recommendations for cloud adoption

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