The Big Book of Experimentation

Experimentation allows you to easily try new approaches, evaluate your analytics to know if your strategy is working and the willingness to adjust if it’s not. Experimentation also grants you the space you need to learn from every interaction and recover quickly by mitigating uncertainty and expanding the realm of curiosity with new approaches.

This is a strong belief held at Optimizely and to that end, they’ve put together this collection of case studies highlighting how some of the world’s leading brands are utilizing experimentation to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Get ready to be inspired by the following innovators, as they have leveraged experimentation to drive big business impact and set themselves apart from their competitors. Welcome to the Big Book of Experimentation.

Download now to read 33 proven ideas demonstrating how real businesses leveraged experimentation to gain greater insight and control over how they engage with customers, tailor their digital channels and improve customer satisfaction.

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