Big data’s role in COVID-19

Big data has become an important tool in the enterprise’s survival toolkit as it continues to adapt to the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a survey from analytics platform provider Sisense, businesses are leaning on analytics for business insights and efficiencies more than they did pre-COVID-19.

As the plethora of data points, which is constantly growing, from social media, news, health organizations, and other outlets begins to overwhelm data scientists and policy makers, new tools could help streamline data analysis and help connect the dots about the real impact of the disease, and which regions to turn attention to.

This ebook from TechRepublic explores how big data can help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, reveals new tools, provides use cases for analytics, and reports on data’s role in return-to-work decisions.

In this ebook:

  • Small businesses are using more analytics to survive COVID-19
  • IBM’s new COVID notebooks offer an open-source toolkit to analyze COVID-19 data
  • A COVID-19 data block lets organizations make sense of ever-changing data
  • Big data graphs are playing an important role in the coronavirus pandemic
  • Esri geospatial COVID-19 mapping tools help with community contact tracing
  • COVID-19 national response portal puts essential data within reach
  • How one lender worked with a vendor to help clients weather the COVID-19 crisis
  • AI is helping get medical research into the hands of doctors and patients
  • Expert: Data integrity should be part of the return-to-work conversation
  • And more!

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