Big Threats to Small Business

How you can start securing your organization in a matter of minutes.

The increasing shift to remote and roaming work has left businesses of all sizes more vulnerable to threats and attacks, with employees working off-network, from the cloud, and with technology and apps that aren’t necessarily sanctioned (or protected) by the home office.

Unfortunately, just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you won’t be a target for attackers. In fact, small businesses can often be seen as particularly vulnerable because they lack the security resources of larger businesses.
And these attacks do real damage — small businesses spend an average of $955,000 per attack to restore normal operations; 60% of victims actually go out of business within 6 months of an attack.

As time goes on, threats are becoming more numerous and complex, with orchestrated, multi-staged, evasive attacks becoming the norm.2 In this new normal, it’s not enough to throw more bodies and more effort at the problem. To keep up with growing threats, it may be time to upgrade your security technology to something stronger.

With so much to defend and so much to defend against, where should you start? Let’s find out.

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