Bit Error Rare (BER) Analysis of Conventional OFDM (DFT - OFDM) and Wavelet Based OFDM (DWT - OFDM)

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Provided by: Auricle Technologies
Topic: Mobility
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OFDM has been widely adopted in many applications due to its good spectral performance and low sensitivity to impulse noise and multipath channels. In OFDM that a Cyclic Prefixes (CP) is appended to each symbol in order to mitigate the effect of Inter-Symbol-Interference (ISI) and Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI). However, this reduces the spectral efficiency. A perfect reconstruction using wavelet based OFDM provides good orthogonality and with its use Bit Error Rate (BER) is improved. Wavelet based system does not require CP, so spectrum efficiency is increased.
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