BlackBerry 10: A smartphone beginning or end?

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Topic: Mobility
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With a new operating system, two new phones and a rebranding, BlackBerry is starting 2013 afresh. The company formerly known as Research In Motion or RIM introduced its BlackBerry 10 platform, with chief executive Thorsten Heins marking the day as the “starting line” for a new wave of BlackBerry products. The company also announced two smartphones: the touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 and the Qwerty-equipped Q10 handset.

These announcements are crucial to the company’s ability to make up ground and to compete with Android and iOS devices, as well as woo back enterprise customers. Will the Canadian smartphone maker satisfy its existing users and grow its business with this new approach? This ZDNet Tech Roundup investigates the evolution of BlackBerry’s OS and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, as well as looking back at the company’s more notable handsets and how they reflect in the new breed. We demo the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 handsets and investigate how the company has built tools for BB10 to entice developers, an essential for the success of any smartphone platform.

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