Boost your Mac productivity with these 10 techniques (free PDF)

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From migrating settings and files between machines to accessing Remote Desktop to troubleshooting Bluetooth devices, Mac users encounter numerous features, options, and configuration challenges. This ebook rounds up a selection of practical tips and tricks to make their Mac lives easier and more efficient.

From the ebook:

For decades, Macs have been designed with the end user in mind. From hardware to software, Apple goes to great lengths to simplify the complicated, allowing users to focus on getting work done instead of having to resolve a number of issues before getting to the crux of the task.

Apple adds a heaping helping of its simplicity sauce to each device it manufactures. No technology is more widely used and allows for as much broad customization as macOS does. This collection of tips should help give Mac business users an edge in getting the most out of their workdays.

Get quick access to network drives
Connect to a network drive as you normally would (and check the box so that it saves your credentials to Keychain and won’t prompt you each time you log on). Then launch System Preferences | Users & Groups. Click your account name | Login Items, drag your mounted server share to the list, and log off. When you log in again, the network drive will automatically connect to the server and mount the share.

Easily reveal the Library folder
By default, OS X hides the Library folder, as it is a system folder that stores important application data that should not be tampered with. However, there are times when access is required in order to enable functionality, modify settings, or back up important files or folders. A simple method for revealing this folder is to click the Go menu item from the Finder while holding down the Option key.
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