Bounding Worst-Case DRAM Performance on Multicore Processors

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Provided by: Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers
Topic: Storage
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Bounding the worst-case DRAM performance for a real-time application is a challenging problem that is critical for computing Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET), especially for multicore processors, where the DRAM memory is usually shared by all of the cores. Typically, DRAM commands from consecutive DRAM accesses can be pipelined on DRAM devices according to the spatial locality of the data fetched by them. By considering the effect of DRAM command pipelining, the authors propose a basic approach to bounding the worst-case DRAM performance. An enhanced approach is proposed to reduce the overestimation from the invalid DRAM access sequences by checking the timing order of the co-running applications on a dual-core processor.
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