Breaking Down the New Trends In Online Extortion (Portuguese)

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing threats in cybersecurity, with damages predicted to crest $20 billion globally by 2021, up from “only” $345 million* in 2015.

This paper explains the evolution of ransomware by breaking down the new trends in online extortion threats, and by providing prescriptive advice on how to protect and secure your organization against such an attack.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How ransomware is evolving from a “spray and pray” strategy to focused attacks that promise greater financial payoffs
  • The tactics, techniques and procedures used by today’s cybercriminals and how they’re getting more sophisticated
  • How ransomware attacks have gone well beyond phishing emails and website popups
  • What you can do to stop ransomware in its tracks

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