Build the Channel Beyond Your Storefront

Digital commerce, the buying and selling of goods and services using digital technology, is a core business strategy for the modern organization. And e-commerce – using the internet as a sales channel – is an essential tactic that supports this strategy.

Effective digital commerce utilizes technology to provide a superior buying experience for customers while giving companies more ways to differentiate themselves. Increasingly, B2B buyers are demanding flexibility in how they engage sellers, whether in-person or digitally.

Organizations must have the processes and software in place to delight customers by enabling them to buy whatever they want in the manner in which they want to buy it.

Ventana Research further asserts that by 2022, one-third of sales organizations will determine that the pricing of their products and services is mismanaged and begin to invest in new pricing management software.

Optimizing revenue through digital commerce channels requires effective pricing management, so the process of price-setting throughout an enterprise and across channels must be efficient and consistent with company objectives.

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