Business Benefits Possible by Choosing the Right Cloud Provider to Run SAP Workloads

IDC estimates that 50% of businesses either have migrated or are currently migrating some portion of their SAP workloads to the cloud. IDC research has found that businesses which have migrated to the cloud have, on average, 27% of their SAP HANA installations and 25% of their S/4HANA installations in the cloud. Benefits realized from these efforts are significant and include:

  • Productivity gains: Businesses reported strong productivity improvements from running SAP on IaaS, more than 50% claimed significant productivity improvements, and more than 30% said they experienced modest productivity improvements.
  • Cost improvements: Significant cost improvements were also mentioned, with more than 45% saying they saw significant cost improvements, and nearly 40% stating they had modest cost improvements.
  • Revenue gains: Close to 40% of businesses stated that they saw significant revenue gains, but more than 50% experienced modest revenue gains. Overall, it is fair to say that more than 80% of businesses experienced productivity, cost, and revenue gains from moving portions of their SAP workloads to an IaaS cloud provider. Choose your cloud partner wisely today!
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