Buyer’s Guide: Network Security Management

Today’s security deployments need to focus on streamlined management, improved
visibility into the most critical threats, and reduced response times. The right network
security management solution provides all of these components.

Companies can gain much from the deployment of good network security management.
The benefits range from time savings to reduced complexity to better security overall. In
addition to the ability to configure and manage a network from a central location, a single
security rule base can be maintained and kept up to date much more easily than multiple,
independently managed security deployments.

While it is possible to govern a few independently managed firewalls without major issues,
future business growth may prove difficult when it comes to network security expansion.
For this reason, network administrators should consider investing in network security
management early in the buying cycle, especially when the business is growing.

Highlighting the key benefits of Palo Alto Networks® Panorama™ network security
management, this guide provides insights into when and why you should consider investing
in a management solution for your security deployments.

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