BYOD, wearables, and IoT: Strategies, security, satisfaction (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published October 15, 2017
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Here are some key findings from our research on BYOD, wearable devices, and IoT:

  • BYOD is in use at 59% of organizations with another 13% planning to allow it.
  • Wearables are in use at 24% of organizations with another 23% planning to allow them.
  • IoT devices are being used or implemented for use in 32% of respondent organizations and planned at another 35%.
  • Employees are paying for their own devices and service plans the majority of the time (52%).
  • The majority of respondents (51%) said IT costs have stayed the same after BYOD implementations, while another 29% saw a decrease.
  • Respondents were more likely to state that IT support responsibilities have increased (42%) after introducing BYOD.
  • 53% of IT departments handled some or all of the deployment of personal, wearable or IoT devices.

For more results and analysis, download the full report.

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