CA Technologies Automation Platform Enables Tesco to Reach Previously Unattainable Milestones

Business: Global Fortune 50 retailer Tesco is the third largest merchant in the world; it operates over 3,700 stores internationally and is rapidly expanding its online presence, dominating markets as diverse as motor insurance, home electrical appliances and clothing.

Challenge: Tesco needed to accelerate time-to-market, increase efficiency and reduce errors in order to meet the milestones required for an ambitious international project.

Solution: CA LISA Release Automation established an incremental manifest, separating dynamic elements of application release from fixed processes, enabling Tesco to keep the same fixed processes and concentrate on changing only the dynamic elements that need to be updated each time.

Benefit: With the new processes 95 percent of applications were deployed into staging by week two, by which time the manifest and supporting processes had been fully implemented. Deployments were then released reliably and predictably, without the need to modify the deployment process.

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