CAPRI: Prediction of Compaction-Adequacy for Handling Control-Divergence in GPGPU Architectures

Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
Wide SIMD-based GPUs have evolved into a promising platform for running general purpose workloads. Current programmable GPUs allow even code with irregular control to execute well on their SIMD pipelines. To do this, each SIMD lane is considered to execute a logical thread where hardware ensures that control flow is accurate by automatically applying masked execution. The masked execution, however, often degrades performance because the issue slots of masked lanes are wasted. This degradation can be mitigated by dynamically compacting multiple unmasked threads into a single SIMD unit. This paper proposes a fundamentally new approach to branch compaction that avoids the unnecessary synchronization required by previous techniques and that only stalls threads that are likely to benefit from compaction.

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