Capturing Telic/Atelic Temporal Data Semantics: Generalizing Conventional Conceptual Models

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Big Data
Format: PDF
Time provides context for all the user's experiences, cognition, and coordinated collective action. Prior research in linguistics, artificial intelligence and temporal databases suggests the need to differentiate between temporal facts with goal-related semantics (i.e., telic) from those are intrinsically devoid of culmination (i.e., atelic). To differentiate between telic and atelic data semantics in conceptual database design, the authors propose an annotation-based temporal conceptual model that generalizes the semantics of a conventional conceptual model. Their temporal conceptual design approach involves: capturing \"What\" semantics using a conventional conceptual model; employing annotations to differentiate between telic and atelic data semantics that help capture \"When\" semantics; specifying temporal constraints, specifically non-sequenced semantics, in the temporal data dictionary as metadata.

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