Chroma Coding in Distributed Video Coding

Provided by: Kurukshetra University
Topic: Software
Format: PDF
Distributed Video Coding (DVC) is a video coding method for emerging wireless video surveillance networks, wireless video sensor networks and wireless mobile video applications, which is not yet been standardized. DVC is relatively new video coding paradigm, which is not to compete but to complement the popular predictive coding standards such as H.26x, MPEG, VC1 and DivX, etc., for the emerging applications. Certain wireless video applications would need low complex encoder, even at the expense of relatively more complex decoder; which is in contrast to the predictive coding standards. Various DVC Architectures developed so far addressed only luma component coding and its Rate Distortion (RD) performance evaluation. In this paper color components (Chroma) coding method of DVC are proposed and results are presented.

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