CIO’s Guide to Modern Application Development (Traditional Chinese)

Pressure on IT to deliver new functionality continues to drive faster software development cycles. While agility has always been important, today’s IT teams must operate in a hybrid environment where applications take various forms: legacy systems that remain on-prem, existing applications migrated to the cloud, and new applications built with cloud-native approaches. The combination makes for an increasingly complex IT landscape – one in which simply migrating to the cloud falls short.

The CIO’s Guide to Open Application Development helps IT leaders meet today’s challenges by capitalizing on the historic shift toward open, connected environments. It explores:

  • How to separate applications from underlying infrastructure so that teams have a portable foundation for building software across any cloud.
  • An open, highly-connected approach to software development that positions companies to benefit from today’s digital ecosystems. We make the case that the cloud’s real potential for companies is business model innovation.
  • The guide exposes the limitations of past practices and illustrates what’s possible with modern, open computing environments: new levels of agility and responsiveness to users.

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