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CIO toolkit: A presentation for teaching business leaders about the impact of change requests


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  • Published March 4, 2014
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Aligning IT and business is a key objective, but the reality is often a lot of miscues between groups that don't understand each other very well. Here's a painless way to teach the business about IT.

CIO Keith Faigin wanted to help business leaders at his company understand the development process a little better -- including the consequences of pushing for a lot of changes. So he created a presentation to help educate them on simple concepts such as:
  • What is "a build"?
  • What is "source control"?
  • Why are some changes dependent on each other?
  • How does that affect IT's ability to deliver changes?
  • Why can't we just throw more developers at the problem?
The presentation offers basic, straightforward definitions, analogies, and examples to give nontechnical executives a good grasp of how software is built. You can customize the content and formatting to fit the needs of your organization.

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