CIO White Paper – Achieving the Mostly Digital Workplace: Progress and Pitfalls (Portuguese)

Businesses are increasingly aware that digitization — converting or migrating non-digital information, practices, and processes into digital formats— can increase agility, productivity, and cost savings. According to a recent IDG Research survey, however, even organizations that are actively moving toward greater digitization have ample room for improvement.

Discover how to move past the organizational bottlenecks and build a strong business case for further digitization as a competitive advantage with all the vital benefits DocuSign + Office 365 solution delivers.

Download this white paper to learn more about DocuSign and Microsoft Office 365 solution and how you can:

  • Reduce the time needed to complete business transactions
  • Create and automate workflows to ensure transactions are safe and secure
  • Improve a user’s ability to control and monitor these processes

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