Cisco UCS Director: Simplify Management of Converged Infrastructure

Analysts claim nearly 75% of your time is spent managing Data Center infrastructure. So where is the vision and the promise to automate everything? Is it real or just another flying car?

CIOs and IT managers are seeking to simplify their data centers and manage them more easily. Cisco UCS Director automates end-to-end IT processes across virtualization, server, computing, network, and storage resources to help achieve these business goals.

This paper discusses how to automate end-to-end IT processes, abstracting the complexity of individual devices, hypervisors, and virtual machines into a graphically viewable and easily manageable context. It allows resource delivery across the virtualization, computing, network, and storage layers, using a single web-based view. With this self-service portal, IT administrators, or end users who are infrastructure consumers, can quickly request and take delivery of their infrastructure resources.

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