Cloud First, Now What? – Cloud Security Alliance paper

It’s important to recognize that cloud-first isn’t an
initiative that has an end date. In fact, whether
the organization decides to move most or all of
its infrastructure to the cloud or it starts with
just a few SaaS applications, cloud-first is just the
beginning of an ongoing process of assessments
and decisions that an organization will need to
make if it wants to continue to ensure that its best
interests are protected.

This paper offers guidance to help organizations
establish a systematic and repeatable process
for implementing a cloud-first strategy. It offers
a high-level framework for identifying the right
stakeholders and engaging with them at the right
time to reduce the risk, liabilities, and inefficiencies
that organizations can experience as a result of adhoc
cloud decisions. The goal of this guidance is to
help ensure that any new cloud program is secure,
compliant, efficient, and successfully implements
the organization’s key business initiatives.

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