Cloud-Integrated Storage: Lower Costs And Higher Efficiency (German)

NetApp® cloud-integrated storage enables you to securely back up data to any cloud—at up to 90% lower cost compared with on-premises solutions.

NetApp gives you the power to tap into cloud economics while preserving investments in your existing backup infrastructure, and meet your backup and recovery SLAs.

AltaVault improves recoverability because 95% of restores occur from the local cache. Additionally, you can quickly spin up an AltaVault cloud-based appliance in the event of a disaster and recover your vital data quickly.

Latency, security and reliability in a real-world solution are chief considerations for the Best Hybrid Cloud Solution award. Therefore a pragmatic approach to cloud services is sought, which is a primary concern for organizations first moving to the cloud is the ability to keep their data safe. NetApp understands the need to maintain data integrity and a high level of security.

With this intelligent whitelisting approach, you will see:

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