Cloud Priorities 2014: Cloud strategies, priorities and implementation plans of North American IT leaders and professionals

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Provided by: ZDNet
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
The ZDNet Cloud Priorities 2014 report, sponsored by Windstream, is a research study on cloud in North America and reports on the current and future adoption of the subject technology, the business objectives of adopters, and the experiences of those adopters. The report also covers current budgets and changes in budgets this year compared with last.

This study comprises four sections:
  • Current and planned deployment of the various flavors of cloud, responsibility for cloud, and executives’ attitudes to cloud.
  • Private cloud, covering current and future use of private and hybrid cloud, private cloud budgets, proportion of IT infrastructure in the private cloud, the length of time private cloud has been deployed, and the executives who initiated the move to private cloud.
  • IaaS/PaaS, covering when IaaS/PaaS was deployed, current and planned use cases for IaaS/PaaS, the most important IaaS/PaaS use case, business objectives for IaaS/PaaS, and the extent to which these objectives have been achieved.
  • SaaS, covering when SaaS was deployed, current and planned SaaS applications used, the most important SaaS application, business objectives for SaaS, and the extent to which these objectives have been achieved.
Download this report today to learn more about how cloud is affecting North American organizations, download Cloud Priorities Report 2014 research study, sponsored by Windstream.

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