Cloud Security Generation

    Many are surely looking at the emergence of cloud computing and asking, “Hey, how did we get here so fast?” followed by, “What does this really mean to me and my career?”

    To help answer these questions, let’s break it down into the three generations that most closely span this discussion and IT landscape: Generations X, Y, and Z.

    Having laid the foundation for what it means to shift security and our careers to the cloud, there are a deep-dive conversation into various areas of technical interest, demonstrating how the cloud is uniquely able to deliver value to business as well as to those who embrace it. Find out by downloading this paper:

  • Why, specifically, security is far superior when delivered
    via the cloud.

  • How to further secure where you are today, simplify IT, and then transform the business in ways never before possible.
  • What your career might look like in just a few years.

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