Cognitive Automation: Fortune 500 Company Brings Structure to Unstructured Data.

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Topic: Digital Transformation
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A Fortune 500 company, one of the top storage providers for hybrid cloud data centres, deliver hardware and software solutions to the world’s largest corporations. The company experiences high variability in customer order volumes, with significant surges in demand every quarter end. Staffing became an ongoing challenge for the company, and at the end of every quarter they would recruit and onboard temporary workers.

They did this to make sure orders were processed on time, only to repeat the cycle the next quarter. Digitizing customer orders offered little improvement with high set-up costs and painful troubleshooting.

So, determining how to efficiently handle spikes in order volume remained unsolved.

Today, with Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA and IQ Bot solutions, 20% of the company’s order to cash volume is automated from start to finish. Depending on order volumes, the company seamlessly scales the number of bots on-demand to ensure customer orders are processed efficiently and on time throughout the year.
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